Critical writing 

In print​​

  • The Artefact of Losing: On the (Bio)poetics of Miscarriage’ (co-authored with Christopher Law), The Body Productive, ed. Steffan Blayney, Joey Hornsby and Savannah Whaley, forthcoming)

  • Review of Sigrid Nunez's What are you going through, the Guardian (November 2020)

  • Review of Megan Hunter's The Harpy, the Guardian (September 2020)

  • Review of Nesrine Malik’s We Need New Stories, the Guardian (September 2019)

  • ‘Communality and Consequence: on Jericho Brown and Toby Martinez de las Rivas, Poetry London (February 2019)

  • ‘On Universities’, The White Review Issue 22 (June 2018)

  • 'Unmindful Men: women’s bodies in The Winter’s Tale’, The Cambridge Humanities Review 12 (Winter 2017)

  • ‘Where does the shame go? On Sophie Collins’ small white monkeys’, The Cambridge Humanities Review 13 (Lent 2018)

  • ‘Parental elegy: language in extremis’, in collaboration with Anna Burel of the Conceiving Histories project (Birkbeck, UoL), King’s Review 4 (Winter 2017)

  • ‘Foreword’, ANON: Mary Butts (Oxford: Hurst Street Press, December 2017)